For a better and happier life!!!

Are you happy?

So, what is happiness after all?

For me, it’s all about balance! You have to work all areas of you life! Your healthy must be good, you must be satisfied with your body. You need to have great relationships, with your family, friends, your better-half. Having a great carrer and success. Having a sense of purpose and spirituality is very important as well!

What I do is working in all areas al the time! It’s not an easy task, but it must be done if you want to be happy. In each fase of your life one area could require more work from you. That’s ok! You put most of you effort on it, but NEVER forget about maintain the others. Easily said than done, but for me is what we need to seek and aim for. Little by little we will get there!

I will give tips about different areas and some resources that I feel may help you in each area of your life. Tell me what you think, ok?

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