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We were born to be happy!

Ok! We were born to be happy!

Is there anybody who believe the other way?

Yes, we have A LOT to learn! We’ll be miserable until we do!

That’s only one use for pain, to show us that we’re doing something wrong! To make us question what that may be! Once you discover and stop doing whatever you were doing wrong, the suffering will go away! It’s just that simple!

Let’s elaborate! Life in earth works under Laws! You will be submitted to them either you like and believe or not! Until you learn some basic principles, life won’t be good to you! So we suffer! GOD does not want you to be miserable! But until you live in peace and love, that’s what is going to happen! Did you heard about ‘Free Will’? You can do whatever you want of your life, but don’t blame others for you suffering! They can’t choose for you! They just can’t!

So let’s choose better! 🙂

I started this blog to share my experience in the last year that allowed me to change my point of view about life! I learn and grew in 12 months what I didn’t in 26 years!

So let’s talk! I’m certain I can help and you can help me back because if there is one thing I learned is that we never stop learning!


Abundance Blocks?

Have you ever wondered why you work on yourself and work on raising your vibration but your prosperity level doesn’t seem to change?

You may have subconscious barriers that prevent you from manifesting wealth.

I am working on them now and I have to say I have more money coming in already. Not the amount I want yet, but It is already more!    🙂

First you have to acknowledge that, then you can work on releasing them.


I found a video and a program that it’s helping me.

If you want, check it out!

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