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How to love your body

Our body, like everything else, respond to our thoughts.

What kind of thoughts do you have about your body? It’s about love, acceptance, caring and nurture?

Or It’s about judgment, criticism, hate, comparison with others?

I’m not proud to say until some time ago, my answer to that question would be the second one. I’ve struggled with my body my whole life. But now I am learning to love it, nurture and taking care of my beautiful, healthy, whole body.

That doesn’t mean you can’t change the things you don’t like, but you have to love what you have first. The change, as always, begin from inside out.

The actions you take from that place of love and peace will be inspired and will bring great results. From outside of this place, you will struggle and work hard but very little will change. Sounds familiar?

Start today to be grateful for having a body that allows you to do the things you want; that allows you to be here, living in this amazing planet called Earth. Start small, but start today.

First you accept the body you have, then you take action to improve something you want. Think this way: it’s good, and it will only get better!

If after that, you feel inspired to look for some help to improve your body, here are some resources:


For regain balance:

Brain Editor Subliminal:

For weight lost:

Zero resistance Weight Release:


Your body is your temple! Love it and adore it!!





What about stress?


Everyone is afraid of this six letter word. And everyone has felt this at least once in its life. But what is this and why does it happen?

Well, simply put: stress is what happens when we live in disconnection with our source, higher self, our spirit, whatever you call it. If you trying too hard to accomplish things through action alone, without being aligned, you will feel stress. If you want something and you don’t believe you can get it, you will feel stress. If you thing about everything that can go wrong in a situation, instead of what can go right, you will feel it. If you worry about things and people when you should be just holding a positive image of them, you will feel stress.

You get my point.

So how can we avoid to feel this way? How can we minimize this on our live. The answer is both simple as it is hard to practice.

Relax. Believe. Let go.

I can hear your mind saying: ‘easier said than done.’ Yes, it is. But it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to do .

I truly believe we can do it, but I believe we need help. We can change our thoughts patterns and beliefs, but it takes time and effort.

Do you REALLy wanna change? Do you want to live a better life? Start now. One step at a time. Start by stopping and breathing when you feel stressed. Start to question the reason you are stressed about. Is it really that bad? Is it true what your mind is telling about this situation?

Little by little you will feel more calm and more confident. But you have to want and you have to start.


And about getting assistance, here’s a few resources that can help!


The Ultimate Stress Relief Library:

Love and Above (So you can raise your energy):


Remember to breathe!




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